Pro Tips

We are not just makers, we are visionaries! We are infatuated with beautiful colors, and we make projects to express our unique tastes and creativity. Our relationship with color is an endless exploration and our secret obsession. Here are a few pro tips from our expert makers to help you make the best of your kits!
  • Create Your Own Color

    If you’re looking for a specific color or tone for you project, you can easily combine and mix two or more alcohol inks together to create a custom color that uniquely your own! The only limit you have is your own imagination.

  • How to Create a Solid Color

    If your project needs a rich opaque color, then add Gardenia to any mixture for a more opaque look. Add a little at a time until you reach the desired opacity.

  • Mix Inks, Micas and Glitters

    Create a whole new look by adding just a little mica powder or glitter to your alcohol ink and epoxy mixture. Just a small amount will give you all the rich color and translucency of the alcohol inks with a little extra pearly sheen.

  • Mix in the Sides

    After dropping alcohol inks into your project, the ink may move toward the sides of your container. Don’t fret! Just make sure to scrape the sides of your container to mix in all the beautiful color. Any unmixed color may show up in your final project as streaks of unmixed color, so stir well!

  • Getting the desired color

    Love the color you’re seeing in the mixing cup? That’s great! Just remember that if your project is thin, that rich color you see in the cup may be much lighter once poured out into a thin layer. We always recommend testing by checking the color against your stir stick for thin pours.

  • Wait to Apply Heat

    Alcohol is a flammable material, and if you use a torch or heat gun BEFORE mixing your ink into your project you may burn away all that beautiful color. Instead, wait until after you’ve mixed your colorants thoroughly before doing any air removal…trust us…it’s safer that way.

  • Shake it before you make it!

    With your ink bottles carefully closed, shake them well before use.

  • Paint with Mica!

    In a cup, mix mica or chameleon powder with a small 1-ounce cup of resin to create custom paint colors.

  • Dusting with Mica Powders!

    For dazzling effects, try “painting” dry mica or chameleon powder with a brush into your mold before pouring epoxy.


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